Media praise for Learning Ruby

"This is a well-thought-out well-presented introduction to Ruby. If that's what you want, I'd go for it."
-- George Woolley, Oakland Perl Mongers

"From the basic features of Ruby and how to use regular expressions to using operators, arrays, and modules, Learning Ruby is perfect for learning: each chapter concludes with review questions, making it the perfect 'course in a book' as well as a basic computer library reference."
-- James Cox, The Bookwatch - Computer Shelf

"This book is a short and concise introduction to the Ruby programming language that will help any Ruby newbie come up to speed quickly...Experienced programmers will find a book that jumps right in and introduces language features one after another...I enjoyed reading this book and the author's sometimes irreverent writing style."
-- Dave Walz-Burkett, Albuquerque Ruby Group

"There are many short paragraphs and examples that lead to moments of "Oh, so that's how it works!" This is now my favorite book for sharpening my understanding of Ruby while expending the least effort...What other book on computer technology shows you how it works, introduces you to the culture and forces driving its development forward, and provides plenty of code for you to freely tinker with? This one does - and it's packaged in a binding that is thinner than a laptop...It's a great book. Don't miss it."
-- Brian DeLacey,

"Learning Ruby is both quick and complete...The beginning programmer will find everything necessary to learn both coding and Ruby basics. And the experienced developer will find enough to learn the nuts and bolts of Ruby. Learning Ruby will not let you master Ruby, but you will be well on your way."
-- James Pyles, Linux Magazine