Media praise for R in a Nutshell

"...if you have any projects that involve processing large amounts of data and using statistics to turn it into useful information, this is definitely a valuable resource. "
-- Bobbie Lynn Eicher, The Open Pitt, Issue 41, June 2010

"This book is a superb intro­duc­tion to the tool, but it also serves the func­tion of handy desktop com­pan­ion for explor­ing further."
-- Shawn Day, randomosity

"I am pleased to report that Adler has risen to the challenge of the highly-regarded “Nutshell” franchise. As is traditional for the series, this title mixes introduction, tutorial, and reference material in a style that is well suited to a reader who already has a background in programming, but is a new or occasional user of R...As a long-time O’Reilly reader, I see Joseph Adler’s R in a Nutshell as a welcome addition to the menagerie."
-- Joel Neely, Sliding up the banister

"The book deserves the strongest recommendation as a comprehensive resource for learning R and more importantly, as a highly practical guide on how to conduct data analysis professionally."
-- Chee Kian Leong, Journal of Statistical Software, August 2010, Volume 36, Book Review 2

"Very comprehensive and very useful... [I]t has become my ‘go-to’ reference for anything I need to do in R."
-- Robin Wilson, Hampshire Linux User Group