Media praise for Inside Cyber Warfare

"The cyber world provides numerous opportunities for sharing information and networking, but it also offers an ideal space for virtually undetectable espionage and criminal activities. "
-- A. Jurek,

"This book draws the curtain on a world that has, until now, been mostly in the shadows, but will be getting more attention in the future as the outcomes of "cyberspace battles" start shaping our world as surely as the "real battles" do."
-- Zeljka Zorz, Help Net Security

"...this short but excellent and well-written volume it is not a technologist's guide to hacking activities, nor is is it a spy novel, but it carefully and interestingly relates the dimensions of a current political and economic problem brought about by the activities of political entities, criminal and terroristic elements. It will enable the reader to become well informed about an important Technology and Public Policy issue which pervades today's headlines. "
-- Ira Laefsky,

"The book is very well written and researched and an informative read."
-- Marc Filippelli, San Francisco Book Review

"Most books on cyber warfare look at the subject area from a purely technical perspective. This book’s coverage of the macro issues associated with cyber war--including international law, involvement of organized crime, and state machinery--sets it apart from others in the field."
-- Srijith Krishnan Nair, Computing Reviews

"The value of this book is as a clearly written primer, outlining concepts and supporting them with facts. The romantic myth of the single crazy black-hat hacker provoking an international crisis is here completely debunked, showing how people, organization, and (usually) external support by intelligence are required to accomplish such goals."
-- Chiara Ciociola,