Media praise for Data Analysis with Open Source Tools

"Data Analysis with Open Source Tools [author] Mr. Janert has pursued a consulting practice in algorithm development, data analysis, and mathematical modeling. As such, his specialty makes him the ideal subject matter expert to write such a book."
-- Mike Riley,

"The emphasis on thinking informs the book throughout, and the end result is that the reader is challenged to think about problems of data analysis and the application of different analytical methods and tools. This is definitely not a book that simply teaches how to apply formulas; Jenert encourages the reader to learn to think about data analysis problems on a conceptual level."
-- A. Jurek, BlogCritics

"Data Ana­lysis with Open Source Tools by Phil­ipp K Jan­ert is a simply superb, solid and exhaust­ive syn­thesis of instruc­tion, work­shops and hands-on exer­cises designed for those ser­i­ous about con­duct­ing pro­fes­sional data ana­lysis. This is not a light­weight under­tak­ing...All in all, this is a very good book. It actu­ally does more than it prom­ises and deliv­ers a com­pre­hens­ive and effect­ive course in data ana­lysis with superb hands-on exer­cises to drive home the learning."
-- Shawn Day, randomosity

"Data analysis using open source tools is a straightforward, well explained and practical book which does not give just a laundry list of techniques but also useful pointers in how to use them intelligently. The strongly recommended."
-- Manoj Rengarajan,

"This book offers a deep approach to real world tasks. There is much more text than code...It is hard to fault this book except perhaps that at nearly 500 pages, it is too short! "
-- Neil McNaughton, Oil IT Journal

"This book is perfect for hands-on readers, wanting to achieve specific goals without getting entangled in formal definitions by getting right to the point. Here is an analogy: a Common Kite is depicted on the front cover of the book and as the bird waiting for its prey, you’ll be able to analyse the situation, understand it and take a clear decision after this read."
-- Mathieu Hanna, Adviso

"I love this book a lot."
-- Rik Farrow, ;login:

"This is, actually, the only book I have seen that covers both theory, tools and practice with such good command and depth."
-- Edmon Begoli,, Researcher