Media praise for Arduino Cookbook

"Absolute recommendation or "un must" as the French used to say."
-- Hajos Kontrapunkte,

"Is this the best Arduino book to date? Yes."
-- Nick Weldin,

"This is the book for an Arduino, or other Physical Computing hobbyist who has gone beyond following other people's instruction and who now seeks a useful and comprehensive reference that will serve for years to come in a variety of Intermediate and Advanced Projects."
-- Ira Laefsky,

"...a handbook that any serious Arduino enthusiast should have by their side."
-- Mike Riley,

"The book is articulate, informative, and technically diverse. I consider this book to be the most important and comprehensive print resource to have been produced for the Arduino, and I highly recommend it to anyone that has either used or intends to use the Arduino platform for interfacing with the real world."
-- Andrew Lewis,

"True to its name, the Arduino Cookbook provides a comprehensive array of recipes for covering a broad range of topics –...The book also benefits from clear, uncluttered illustrations and well-commented, readable code. These are essential when trying to build new interactive projects. In this genre of literature, they are something that authors and publishers do not always get right. Key technical concepts are explained lucidly, and Margolis has made every attempt to clarify the complex."
-- Brock Craft, Souciant

"I recommend this book to everyone who currently uses Arduinos or is just thinking about learning how to use them. You won’t be disappointed."
-- Tony Cappellini, BayPIGgies

"A great reference for anyone new to the Arduino platform, providing many examples from which to draw inspiration. Even an experienced programmer will find new things to learn from this book."
-- Nicholas Dunn, Book Zone

"This is the only book I've found that covers the advanced programming of the Arduino and for that I think it's worth having."
-- Stewart Watkiss, Penguin Tutor

"Nicely written, with lots of illustrations, it’s a very practical reference of how to connect any kind of hardware and solve problems you are likely to encounter while designing and building your own practical application with Arduino."
-- Simone Chiaretta, DZone