Media praise for Head First iPhone Development

"The great thing about this book is its simple, step-by-step approach. It doesn't try to teach everything -- it just launches you right into building iPhone applications in a friendly, conversational way. "
-- Eric Shephard, owner of Syndicomm

"HF iphone was clearly crafted to get you easily creating, using and learning iPhone technologies without needing a lot of background with Macintosh development tools."
-- Joe Heck, Seattle Xcoders founder

"This book is infuriating! Some of us had to suffer and learn iPhone development "the hard way," and we're bitter that the jig is up. "
-- Mike Morrison, Stalefish Labs founder

"This book was all I could have asked for to start me on my iPhone development exploration and more...If you want to learn how to develop for the iPhone, get this book!"
-- Mary Lucas, The Coding Pad

"As programming books go, the presentation of the material is a breath of fresh air. Or more aptly described, a breath of white space. The material in the book flows approximately 500 pages, but it is metered out little by little. I don’t recall any pages having a full page of traditional text. The content has liberal room to lounge amidst the pictures and puzzles. It feels less like a text book and more like an entertaining activity. The brevity of text on each page pushes the reader onwards to turn each page and discover each new nugget of iPhone SDK wonder."
-- Derek Underwood,