Media praise for 97 Things Every Project Manager Should Know

"A new Project Manager would need several lifetimes of experience to acquire the wisdom of these established team leaders, and these pearls and sticking points are just the sort of issues omitted from many larger and more pretentious volumes on the project life cycle."
-- Ira Laefsky,

"The book’s very easy to read and has a lot of valuable insight. Highly recommended!"
-- Jim Holmes, FrazzledDad

"Worth a read, and well worth having a copy in the office - whatever your industry and however big the projects you do."
-- Geoff Lock,

"This book is more than a reference. It's a tool to find the insight you need to remove the obstacles that are putting your projects at risk and a reminder that what makes or breaks a project is communication and understanding among peers...Put this book in a place where you can easily find it because you'll need its advice sooner or later. "
-- Lyndsey Clevesy, DZone

"Software engineers and business project managers alike must have 97 Things Every Project Manager Should Know, a powerful guide to everything from maintaining top coding quality to defining the conclusion of a project, spotting a good IT developer, and providing a valued, deliverable project. "
-- Diane Donovan, The Bookwatch: The Business Shelf

" a reminder of different aspects managers may wish to consider in their ongoing work, this book provides quick chunks, and can be picked up and set down without requiring a commitment of time or attention. Probably a good idea for managers."
-- Robert M. Slade, Internet Review Project