Media praise for iPhone: The Missing Manual

"If you think an iPhone doesn’t have much to it—think again. This book is 418 pages. Sure, some of the information doesn’t apply to me, but there is a lot that I can use...David Pogue is always worth it, and I definitely recommend this book."
-- Linda Cameron, The Finder, Mid-Columbia Macintosh User Group

"If you have never read a David Pogue missing manual you are in for a treat. There is a bit of training, a bit of humor, and a lot of information packed into iPhone: The Missing Manual. If you are just getting into the iPhone, or have been struggling to learn more about this complex creature, then I very highly recommend this book."
-- T. Michael Testi, Blogcritics Magazine

"All in all, I found this book to not only be informative but very entertaining. "
-- Kari Sheppard, Bay Area Macintosh Users Group, Mouse Bytes October 2009

"There is a reason why this series is subtitled “The book that should have been in the box;” these manuals are more helpful than the actual technical manuals included with the latest phone/computer/software package...The chapter on taking pictures and managing them is probably worth the cost of the book itself. "
-- Ross Rojek, Sacramento Book Review

"David Pogue's books are famous for their sense of humor, and iPhone: The Missing Manual, 3rd edition, is no exception. It's fun and lighthearted, and you don't realize just how much information is packed into the book until you start flipping back through sections you've read to get an overall picture of the book in your mind."
-- Scott Willsey, MyMac Magazine

"In the tradition of the elegantly designed iPhone user interface, this book offers the reader a clean, concise, and easy-to-follow explanation of every device feature, including those of the iPhone 3Gs."
-- Michael L. Kleper, The Kleper Report on Digital Publishing

"This is the book that I would recommend if you want a comprehensive and enjoyable read, whether new or experienced to the iPhone. David Pogue does such a wonderful and colorful job of presenting information that almost dances off the page. He has the well-deserved title of being one of the world’s best explainers. This book deserves a place in your library (and perhaps the ebook version on your iPhone as it is on mine). Its hard to go wrong with any book in “The Missing Manual” series."
-- Tom Piper, appleJAC Macintosh Users Group