Media praise for Head First WordPress

"If your new to Wordpress this is a excellent book to get you started. I highly recommend it. I found this more user friendly and readable than any other Wordpress book I have read or reviewed. If you use Wordpress but want to understand it and get more out of it I highly recommend this book as well, especially if you want to learn how to go into the code to modify the appearance of your site. If you want to use Wordpress to it's full functionality get this book."
-- Steven Chambers,

"Recently, I seem to be receiving quite a few WordPress books for review. For anyone investigating building your blog initiative, Head First WordPress is the best I have read yet. The Head First books always present the information numerous ways to catch your attention, highlight key areas and make you contemplate new topics before moving along."
-- Chris Miller, TheSocialNetworker

"If you are contemplating the jump to Wordpress, or have just dipped your toes into the water, Head First Wordpress is a solid book that will give you a nice foundation."
-- Co-Founder, Untethered Dreams

"If you’re between expert and newbie – and I’m placing myself in this crowd – it’s a sure bet that you’ll learn a few things from Head First WordPress."
-- Anne-Marie Nichols, Mom Central Blogger University

"It took only a few minutes to realize that Head First Word Press was my perfect WordPress companion. "Had me at page one," I might have said...If you're using, or thinking about using it, putting this book on your desktop will make you a competent and confident user. Your brain will thank you, because all the learning happens without anxiety or confusion: all the learning is always simple and straightforward, and often fun."
-- Michael Pastore, ePublishers Weekly