Media praise for System Performance Tuning

"Recently I found myself browsing a varied assortment of titles at my local bookstore and stumbled upon O'Reilly and Associates' "System Performance Tuning," by Mike Loukides. The title immediately caught my eye and so I decided to look a little closer. Preliminary scanning revealed the book was a small guide, totaling 300 pages, in the Nutshell series format. And, to my amazement, the book had gone into print in 1990--to still be on the bookshelf of a major book seller after ten years was either an oversight of the local store or I had apparently found a well-known gem in the computer community. I then decided to purchase the book, which retailed at $29.95, and took it home for some weekend reading. After what turned out to actually be several days of reading I found the book to be full of useful informationi This is a good book. The information is solid and, although the book is dated, very good reading. The author writes to the reader, rather than in third person, which makes for an engaging book. In addition, he doesn't dilute the book with attempts at humor, which is often the sad downfall of current computer titles. This book deserves to sit on the shelf with other excellent old O'Reilly classics such as 'Essential System Administration' and 'Building Internet Firewalls.' " -- Dustin Puryear,, July 2001

System Performance Tuning "takes a pragmatic approach to performance analysis and improvement.... This book is a 'must' for anyone who has an interest in making their UNIX system run faster and more efficiently. It deals effectively with a complex subject that could require a multiple-volume series." --Stephan M. Chan, CommUNIXations, April 1991

"Once again, System Performance Tuning by Mike Loukides was a valuable reference. (Everyone has a copy by now, right?)" --Dinah McNutt, SunExpert, December 1991

"...the large variety of issues make the book helpful for the administrator of a large multi-user system as well as the engineer using a UNIX PC on his desk." --UNIX USER, November 1991

"A book dedicated to system tuning is a welcome addition to the libraries of system administrators. I have seen some tuning information in one or two system administration books, but a book solely devoted to the subject was sorely needed. Mike Loukides explores many aspects of system tuning, which you may well have grappled with at your site. His book is easy to read, and it flows logically from topic to topic....People who tune UNIX systems will appreciate the information in this book." --Root Journal, Sept/Oct. 1991