Media praise for Learning the vi Editor

"I wish I had had a copy of _Learning the vi Editor_ seven years ago when I first encountered vi. Unfortunately for me I learned how to use it by trial and error and by osmosis from other users, and as a result have been using it in seriously non-optimal fashion ever since! So _Learning the vi Editor_ may well be useful for experienced users of vi who haven't ever read much about it. It is aimed at beginners, however, and will be even more useful if read before bad habits set in. It's clearly and sensibly laid out, with the essentials at the beginning and the advanced stuff at the end, and, while providing plentiful examples, manages to explain everything reasonably succinctly.

"While I personally wouldn't wish learning how to use vi on anyone, there are still many occasions where one is faced with a text-only interface, and vi (or a clone) is the editor available on the widest range of systems. I really can't argue the merits of alternative editors, but if you do decide on learning vi then I strongly suggest arming yourself with a copy of _Learning the vi Editor_ before tackling the task." -- Disclaimer: I requested and received a review copy of _Learning the vi Editor_ from O'Reily & Associates but I have no stake, financial or otherwise, in its success. -- --Copyright (C) Danny Yee 1994 Other reviews by Danny Yee available at: URL

"I think every UNIX user needs to have at least a rudimentary command of vi, because it is the default UNIX screen editor and may be the only editor available on another machine. GNU Emacs is free, but installing it on some machines requires non- trivial effort, or requires non-trivial machine resources. Therefore, many UNIX users will find themselves stuck having to use vi sooner or later, so they might as well be able to get around in it. Before turning anyone loose in vi, however, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you make sure they purchase and are reading the book on the vi editor from O'Reilly & Associates. I was mostly lost and frustrated with vi until I bought this book and read it." --Message ID: <>