Media praise for Practical UNIX Security

"Those who deal with security and those who deal with UNIX (AT&T System V as well as BSD 4.2 and 4.3) must have this book. In the preface, the authors state,....After reading the book, I found the authors' claims in the preface to be relatively modest. This book should be read by anyone who deals with UNIX systems, including the acquirers, developers, users, operators and administrators of UNIX systems and UNIX-based applications.

"The book is easy to read and comprehend. Its biggest asset is that the authors introduce UNIX and security-related concepts in terms that can be easily understood by computer professionals. The transition from an abstract security concept to its UNIX application is achieved in a comprehensive and efficient manner. Another asset of the book is the technical depth. The book gives complete imple- mentation details of the security mechanisms and the rationale behind them." --Computing Reviews, June 1992

"This is far and away the most up-to-date and useful overview of Unix security available today. It provides background into security issues and practical, step-by-step approaches to highly effective network security for TCP/IP protocols. While it assumes that the reader knows his or her way around Unix, non-gurus can learn a lot by reading it.

"The publication covers the strengths and weaknesses of Unix security, with important information about likely (and unlikely) threats, and tells you how to set up a secure system. It reviews network firewalls in great detail, and provides the actual Unix commands needed by administrators to implement the recommended security precautions, although it does not pretend to be a Unix tutorial and doesn't explain the commands in great detail." --Network Computing, July 1992