Media praise for Sexy Web Design

"Now that I have read the book, I can honestly say that I am glad to have done so...I found the discussions of the design process, planning, research, sketches, layout, and more to be incredibly useful and interesting. "
-- Matthew Helmke,

"Sexy Web Design is a good, well balanced guide that steps you through the basics of web design...if you are new to web design or trying to learn more about web design from a basic level, then I highly recommend this book. "
-- T. Michael Testi,

"Sexy Web Design is best oriented for web-savvy users and site builders who need to get sophisticated about site design quickly and efficiently. You'll need to supplement this material with a lot more in-depth information. But reading the book is a great way to kick-start the exploration."
-- Aspi Havewala, Blogcritics Magazine

"Sexy Web design is a great guide for new web developers and a good new look at web design for those that already know what they're doing but may want a few new ideas. I recommend Sexy Web Design by Elliot Jay Stocks for a fresh new look at web site design and how to make good looking web sites."
-- Jeff Gedgaud, Associated Content

"Overall, I find this to be an entertaining and informative book. The general information and page design are excellent."
-- Todd Hawley, Technical Communication, Volume 56, Number 4, November 2009