Media praise for DNS and BIND

"DNS and BIND is a friendly, informative introduction and reference to these two tools for manaaging Internet domain names. DNS (Domain Name System) is a distributed replacement for /etc/hosts that allows machines to look up IP numbers from domain-based names. BIND (Berkeley Internet Name Domain) is the most popular set of DNS software. DNS and BIND will be helpful to administrators, programmers, and adventurous users. More generally, it is a field guide to Internet names, tools, and resources."

--Richard Morin, Unix Review, August 1993

"Of the millions of users on the Internet, almost all are blissfully unaware of the complexity and magnitude of the task of network routing. How does the network know where to deliver a piece of email? In fact, given the packet nature of all Internet traffic, how do telnet or ftp packets get, reliably and generally quickly, to their destination? Few even recognize the term DNS, the Domain Name Service, which handles the problem. Administrators may have used BIND, the Berkeley Internet Name Domain program, to manage DNS, but may not fully understand the imnportance, use or finer aspects of it. This book gives both background and operational details.

"Given the nature of the network routing problem, a full understanding of DNS likely requires actual hands-on work. Albitz and Liu have, however, put together clear, straightforward, and sometimes even lighthearted text to make the learning process as painless as possible."

--Copyright 1995, Robert M. Slade, author "Robert Slade's Guide to Computer Viruses"