Media praise for Volume 3: X Window System User's Guide

"In spite of a phenomenal growth in popularity over the past few years, the X Window System remains difficult to learn. Documentation is a problem. Although the X Window System as distributed by MIT and most third-party vendors includes a sizeable body of online reference materials, they are difficult to locate and still harder to use. The documents assume that the reader already knows the system and requires detailed information on options available for a particular feature or subsystem. A few demo programs illustrate specific aspects of X, but virtually no tutorial information is available. Most users are forced to learn X through oral tradition.

"This book fills the gap by providing a comprehensive and lucid introduction to the intricacies of X. For the benefit of the first-time user, all assumptions are clear from the outset. The authors take special care to make their examples applicable to virtually any system and any version of X.

"Perhaps the most unusual aspect of this book is that it immediately explains those seemingly trivial aspects of X that lead to confusion among new users.

"For the novice, this is the best introduction to X available. It will also be a convenient reference for experienced users and X applications developers." --Computing Reviews, March 1991