Media praise for Smileys

"In the dry world of zeroes and ones, a small, bright spot in the distant gloom rises like a sunny smile-face. Yes, Virginia, the nerds have found a sense of humor. Out of the spam comes Smileys to add a dash of cleverness to tired old E-mail.. Admittedly slim, David Sanderson's book fits nicely in a laptop bag for easy chuckle-research. Or it can be parked next to the desktop for quick comic relief." --Dingbat, February 1999

"For a quick grin at an odd moment, this is a nice pocket book to carry around. :-) If you keep this book near your terminal, you could express many heretofore hidden feelings in your email. ;-) Then again, such things may be frowned upon at your company. :-( No matter, this is a fun book to have around." --Gregory M. Amov, News & Review, June 1993