Media praise for Volume 6C: Motif Tools

"I switched from a commercial UIL-based GUI builder to the Xmt library for building my user interface. The resource file to build my UI with Xmt is about one-tenth the size of the UIL code built by the GUI builder and can be built in half the time or less. Much more of the interface can be specified in the resource file with Xmt than UIL and the MRM facilities can handle, reducing the coupling between the user interface and the application code.

"The XmtLayout widget is a real gem. It is both more powerful and more intuitive than the XmForm widget, and the complete layout of a window can be specified in one resource in the resource file and can be changed without any recompilation or relinking. Whole menu trees can likewise be specified in just a few resources, using all the features of the Motif menu system. Xmt's handling of input dialogs greatly simplifies application code by allowing synchronous prompting of the user, without contorting the code, and with the automatic dialog management features, some dialogs require almost no code at all.

"And these are only a few of the many convenience features that simplify my job and allow me to concentrate more on other parts of the application. I'd hate to have to do without it, but since the source code is available, I know I'll never have to. I've already ported it to OpenVMS and am confident it would be easy to port to any Motif-based system on any platform. The Xmt library has already saved me much more time than it took to do the port."

--Terry Poot, MIS Project Manager, The McCall Pattern Company