Media praise for Learning the Korn Shell

"A thorough introduction of UNIX's newest and most powerful command interpreter, which combines the best features of the older Bourne and C shells, in additon to providing many new features of its own. [This] volume provides a guide to all aspects of Korn shell usage: interactive 'command line' use, plus coverage of shell programming." --Book News, Inc., November 1993

"Readers still bending back the pages of Korn-shell manuals will find relief in...Learning the Korn Shell...a gentle introduction to the shell. Rather than focusing on syntax issues, the book quickly takes on the task of solving day-to-day problems with Korn-shell scripts. Application scripts are also shown and explained in detail. In fact, the book even presents a script debugger written for ksh. This is a good book for improving your knowledge of the shell." --Unix Review, October 1993

"I admit to using the C shell.... So when Rosenblatt's book on the Korn shell arrived, I decided to go with something POSIX-compliant.... I have worked my way through the first hundred pages or so and have only had to ask for an explanation of something from a local guru twice. That's pretty good. My guess is that if you're not already using
ksh or bash, this is the way to get into it." --Peter H. Salus, ;login:, September/October 1993

"There are a couple of books on the Korn shell in my possession. The best one is Learning the Korn Shell by Bill Rosenblatt, published by O'Reilly & Associates Inc." --Peter Collinson, Sun Expert, May 1994