Media praise for Connecting to the Internet

"As a person somewhat skilled in Internet manipulations, when I mention the network to someone who has a modem, they immediately want to know how to get connected.... Now...all I need to do is direct them to Susan Estrada's Connecting to the Internet, an inexpensive guide to the 'cosmic switchboard.'

"If you're reading this review on the Internet, it's logical to believe that you don't need a book about getting connected -- you already are. Logic be damned. There is something in every chapter that will assist present, as well as potential, users in understanding the Internet better, saving money as well.

"For such a small volume, the guide is quite comprehensive. Beginning with an easy to understand introduction to the operation of the Internet, Estrada then turns to the specific needs of the user, from single users with e-mail only to large businesses with full capabilities. She outlines the costs that may be associated with each level of service, and includes a checklist for evaluating connection alternatives.

"Once the needs are determined, the user must choose a network provider. Here, Estrada provides considerations for selection of the provider, choosing between a dialup or dedicated line connection, and, again, she provides checklists of questions to ask in order to make the most informed decision.

"In two appendices, Estrada also furnishes extremely helpful lists of dialup and dedicated line network providers, giving information on service area, services available, and a breakdown of fee levels.

"Not only is the guide helpful for those desiring an Internet connection, but those with current access are able to assess their present needs and structure their services in a different manner to maximize their efficiency while minimizing costs....

"Connecting to the Internet is a must for anyone contemplating a connection, as well as many already online." --Review, alt.books, September 1993