Media praise for The Mosaic Handbook for Microsoft Windows

"The next time you find yourself at your local book emporium, check out 'The Mosaic Handbook for Microsoft Windows,' by Dougherty and Koman.

"The book, published by O'Reilly & Associates, sells for US$29.95 (C$43.95) and comes with diskettes containing a surprisingly stable and swift version of Mosaic from Spyglass....

"What's especially nice is that the software comes with a standard Microsoft 'setup' program for installation. It's a thirty-two bit application and the software will automatically install the win32 stuff if you don't already have it (it checks to see if you do!). (However, you still have to obtain and install the Winsock yourself.)

"The program will allow you to open multiple windows, cut and paste, and save HTML files. It uses less memory and resources, and seems faster, than any Mosaic version available directly from NCSA.

"It can display your 'Hotlist' document titles and a full (not just one session!) 'History' of your downloads as clickable ( and editable!) lists available from a menu. More interestingly, when you exit, it automatically STORES this information in HTML files!

"A simple press of the key will interrupt (i.e., really stop) a download if it is taking too long.

"After a few hours of random, but by no means extensive, testing, I have concluded that the program is generally stable, but does have a few quirks.

"I have been unable to get the 'Print' function to work, and it sometimes fails with GPFs when I try to use URLs for loading local files.

"There is what appears to be good user support from O'Reilly through their on-line WWW service, 'Global Network Navigator' (GNN). They have a browser page with a fill-out form for reporting problems. It asks for your Email address and says someone will try to get back to you within 24 hours. I haven't yet had the opportunity to test this service, although I plan to.

"So far, I have not been able to get the browser to work in 'Test' mode with HTML Assistant, probably because it won't take a file name on the command line. I haven't yet had time to really look into this. For testing, I used the browser's load local file menu option, and reduced it to an icon before going back to HTML Assistant.

"The book will give a beginner some ideas about how to surf the Web, and even has a decent chapter on creating your own HTML documents -- (although I seriously question the authors' choice of HTML editors!).

"Definitely worth looking at!" --HTML Assistant (an HTML editor) email newsletter

"[The book contains] clear, concise, direct, and just a little bit technical. The book comes with a Spyglass-enhanced version of Mosaic, giving it an advantage over its competition. It offers just the right mix of instructions on how to use Mosaic, the Web, and the Internet and does a nice job of describing the breadth of services available.

"Since the Mosaic Handbook comes with a version of Mosaic, its directions can be very explicit. It also has the distinct advantage of being written by Dougherty, who is the publisher of the Global Network Navigator -- O'Reilly & Associates' venture into electronic publishing. The book is very specific both when giving directions to get you on-line and when telling you what to do once you get there." --PC Magazine, February 1995