Media praise for The Mosaic Handbook for the X Window System

"The first four chapters seem to have very little to do with Mosaic, per se, being general explorations of the Internet, World Wide Web (WWW or W3), and the Global Network Navigator (GNN). Chapters five to seven, however, give a great deal more detail than previous Internet guides on customization of Mosaic, multimedia extensions, and HTML (HyperText Markup Language). A final chapter looks at possible future directions, contacts, and resources. Appendices give reference guides to Mosaic, HTML and X, as well as installation instructions for the included CD-ROM (plus the locations of the files on the net). "A great deal of the material here is simple, but some of it is quite important for the operation of Mosaic as a realistic tool. Performance considerations are touched on in a number of places, and the ability to "delay" (more accurately, "suspend") image file loading will likely be the single most widely used "customization" for veteran browsers. The discussion of the use (and limitations) of Mosaic for accessing gopher, WAIS, ftp, telnet, and news resources is also helpful for deciding when to do a quick job "through" Mosaic, or when to shut down and use the real tools." --Copyright Robert M. Slade, 1994