Media praise for Running Linux

"There has been an increasing thirst for information about Linux which hasn't been fully quenched by a book...until O'Reilly & Associates got together with Lar Kaufman and Matt Welsh, the Coordinator of the Linux Documentation Project and the author of Linux Installation & Getting Started, to take on this project. Unostentatiously titled Running Linux, this book is a perfect blend of polished knowledge, organized in an easy-to-grasp package, like most books in the O'Reilly line.

"Running Linux covers everything you need to install, use and understand the Linux operating system. This cornucopia includes in-depth installation and configuration instructions, tutorial and discussion of programming tools for system and program development, information on system maintenance, network administration guidelines, and everything in between.... "Running Linux offers helpful installation and configuration information to make setting up XFree86 a bit easier. This project alone has been known to cause rashes and other stress-induced ailments, but reading the keep-it-simple approach in Running Linux can help keep you healthy...

"In short, this book answers the questions the novice users are too afraid to ask, and the questions gurus won't admit they don't know."

--Linux Journal, review by Grant Johnson, June 1995

"Running Linux is an introductory book on Linux. It begins by describing what Linux is, where to get it, and how to install it (a souped-up version of the first author's Linux Installation and Getting Started). This is followed by an introduction to Unix for beginners (it even explains how to use ls) and a guide to the essentials of system administration. The remaining chapters include very brief introductions to some major tools (X, vi, emacs, TeX) and programming languages (C, perl, make, shell), and some starting information on the most commonly used networking packages (basic TCP/IP, kermit, elm, WWW browsers and UUCP). The appendices provide information about on-line Linux resources and the GNU copyright, and there is an annotated bibliography.

"What can one say about such a collection? Almost all this material is available elsewhere, but it's nice to have it all in the one volume: having to wade through printouts of manuals or HOWTOs is likely to be off-putting for the beginner, and the existing books on Unix system administration are aimed more at people running large time-sharing systems than home users. "While one can quibble about the choice of material (arguably introducing troff and TeX in an introductory book is unnecessary, and I would like to have seen a guide to the Linux file-system modeled on that in the Linux File-system Structure Standard), it is obviously based on the likely needs of the majority of users. The presentation is clear and easy to follow, and Running Linux is recommended for anyone without Unix system administration experience who is running (or wants to run) Linux. It contains enough information for a smart user to bootstrap themselves into a capable Linux user, so if you're converting a friend from DOS be sure to give them a copy! Running Linux will do much to assist the spread of Linux." - Disclaimer: I requested and received a review copy of Running Linux from O'Reilly & Associates, but I have no stake, financial or otherwise, in its success. Copyright (C) Danny Yee 1995 URL