Media praise for Using csh & tcsh

"I was pleasantly surprised by how useful some of the information in the book was. There were a lot of questions answered for me, including how TCSH processed startup and logout files, and the best way to alter default program paths in the proper way. In addition, I liked (as I always do) that the author often suggested more than one way to accomplish the same task - explaining the subtle differences between the choices. As an added bonus, Mr. DuBois also briefly covered some topics related to shells in general, like the Vi and Pico text editors...With detailed information about how to change your default shell, modify the settings to your liking and use the full functionality built in to TCSH, this book would be a solid addition to your educational/technical library."
--The Macintosh Guild, October 2003

"I highly recommend this book to anyone forced to use csh (or tcsh) or interested in learning this very powerful Unix shell." --SLUG Book Review, May 2000