Media praise for The Whole Internet for Windows 95

"The information presented in the Windows 95 edition goes beyond the original by providing detailed instructions on how to use the Internet access tools provided with Windows 95, as well as using some of the more popular commercial windows based packages." --Computing News & Review, December 1995

"It is almost impossible to detail all of the scope of this new version of
The Whole Internet.... If you are on a Windows based machine,
The Whole Internet for Windows 95 is a necessary reference tool." --Computing News & Review, December 1995

"The most thorough UNIX-based Internet guide has been completely revamped for Windows 95. The Whole Internet for Windows 95 by Ed Krol and Paula Ferguson discusses the Netsurfing experience using Win95's built-in Internet features. It also provides a catalog of useful resources, a list of service providers and tips for getting on the Net." --Windows Magazine, April 1995

"This comprehensive, easy-to-read book offers everything from clear, careful explanations of how to get connected using the Windows 95 Internet Jumpstart Kit to how to most effectively take advantage of everything the Net has to offer." --Netguide, May 1996

"Thanks to Krol and Ferguson, getting onto the Net and using it to the fullest is now much easier than a lot of us thought." --Netguide, May 1996

"Gadzooks!! I am on my way to becoming an 'Internaut'!! Just recently purchased your outstanding publication 'The Whole Internet for Windows 95'...and am I impressed. It is a fantastic literary work and my utmost praises go to the authors and you as publishers. Great work, folks!!" --John C. Persons Sr., Owner of Bit by Bit Consulting, Blythewood, SC