Media praise for Designing for the Web

"This delightful little book is the perfect introduction to designing for the Web for the professional designer. From overviews of browsers and servers and Web pages in 'how the Web works,' through basic HTML, browser-safe palettes, hypertext links, Web-specific design techniques and considerations, graphic file formats, image resolution, type on the Web, using Photoshop, Freehand, and Illustrator to create Web graphics, bit-depth and file size, transparency, interlacing, imagemaps, Web tricks, and site planning, this book gives clear, practical information in short, sweet, easy-to-read tutorials. Even the layout is mostly a pleasure.

"Get this book if you're curious about designing for the Web, and want a gentle introduction to help you hit the ground running. Even long-time Web designers can enjoy this less-is-more overview." --Bliss Sloan, Book Review, AOL Desktop & Web Publishing Forum

"This book is an excellent teaching tool. For example, it offers numerous pages of color photographs where the author shows the novice the visual results of saving the same graphic file with different bit combinations of color ranging from [eight] bit down to one bit and then including JPEG compression with the total size of each file listed. The reader can very quickly see that photographs and other graphics can maintain quite high levels of quality with files that are comparatively small and therefore fast to deliver. This slim but content heavy volume concludes with a set of compact but useful tutorials, ranging from setting page background colors to the addition of forms. Sources of useful software and various Web add-ons are also pointed out.

"Our only complaint is that the title is misleading. We took the title quite literally -- the book was designed to show technically Web savvy people how to DO good graphic design for the Web. It was only when we really began to do more than flip through the pages that we discovered that the new volume is a complete guide to getting started on the Web and perhaps one of the best out there." --Gordon Cook, Editor and Publisher of The COOK Report on Internet