Media praise for Java in a Nutshell

"Just saw the AW Java API Vol 1/2 refs... Ugh.

"I've been waiting anxiously for some real documentation on the Java API specification. I was pretty excited from what I heard about the Addison Wesley series, supposedly "the official source of complete, expert and definitive information on Java."

"I got a call from my local technical bookstore this afternoon (they're here!) so I used it as an excuse to take an afternoon motorcycle ride. Well, at least I had had fun riding.... These books are nothing more than a hardcopy of the HTML documentation distributed with the JDK. No examples. No hints. No class overviews that are worth anything. And worst of all, still no thorough method descriptions.

"The only value of these books is for the person who can't cope with on-line documentation. And that's the only reason I bought them. The $15 O'Reilly Nutshell book is almost as useful as the $80 AW API set, which my partner and I are always fighting over anyways. I think we'll still grab for the O'Reilly book first, though.

"I'm sure glad we finally got our source license. It'll probably be the best source of documentation for the next year...." -- Peter Johansson, post to