Media praise for Key Specifications of the World Wide Web

"The theme of this issue is very important. It puts a lot of useful and necessary novel and well-known information together. Before the appearance of this journal, it was almost impossible to find a book that will cover so many very important topics in one volume. It is a comprehensive coverage of standards and reviews of things that every web-master must know.

"It can work as a great reference source for web-designers. What they will probably find interesting is the review of PNG graphic file format. This article explains why PNG format is more preferable than Gif in a very profound manner. It seems that this format will displace Gif in the future. It can support Alfa - channel, it uploads faster than Gif . Interlacing is more attractive while displaying because it is two dimensional. But the scheme is more complex to implement than Gif's one. Software developers also might find this article useful, since it contains explanations of main algorithms and techniques used. It contains very useful glossary and a long list of references. It is very good that author included in his article a url of home Sheets, Level 1".

"This language hasn't been covered almost anywhere else before. Using style sheets is becoming more and more popular on the Web. But still some designers have only heard about it and have never used it before. Unfortunately, it is only working draft and not a specification. But it defines necessary terminology and gives the general view of this topic. It covers the main basics of desktop publishing and therefor, basic principles of creating style sheets. This article has good and useful examples. It is great to have the published HTML 2.0 standard.

"Articles on Form-based upload in html, HTML tables, HTTP/1.0, Relative URL are also interesting for developers of web-pages. It might be good to have information from this journal (for all issues), published on CD. In this case it would be easier to use examples." --The COOK Report on Internet, July-August 1997 (