Media praise for Java Virtual Machine

"This book is focused on the Java Virtual Machine (JVM), one of the most exciting and important features of the Java technology. It is a comprehensive programming guide for the Java Virtual Machine. The book is divided into three sections: the first section includes overview of the machine, information on the semantics and structure of the JVM. The second section is a guide to the instruction set and the third section is a reference of the JVM instructions.

"These sections describe the Java class file format in detail and contain lists all JVM instructions alphabetically, by function, and by opcode. This book complements the JVM specification by providing a higher-level description of JVM semantics, along with many examples and tutorials.

"The book is intended to give readers a strong overview and reference of the JVM so that they may create their own implementations of the JVM, or write their own compilers that create Java object code. The Java architecture is very open -- it's easy to add programmatic extensions to Java, once you have used this book to learn the basic rules of the Java Virtual Machine. And the Java Virtual Machine is portable, so you only have to write the extension once. If you don't like how a particular feature of the Java language works, why not create an extension library that operates in the way you need it to? It's not as hard as you might think, and this book gives all the necessary details.

"Like many other books, this book includes numerous examples written in Java assembly language. The enclosed disk contains the source code for the examples as well as Jasmin. Jasmin, a Java assembler, allows compiling ASCII descriptions of Java classes and converts them into binary Java class files suitable for loading into a Java interpreter. So the examples in this book can all be compiled and executed. The reference section offers a complete description of the instruction set of the VM and the class file format, including a description of the byte-code verifier.

"This book is good for different people: programmers, students, hobbyists, professionals, and anyone else who is interested in Java technology and who wants to learn what goes on under the hood of the Java Virtual Machine."

--The COOK Report on Internet, July-August 1997 (