Media praise for Java Distributed Computing

"A well-written and very interesting advanced Java text (assumes a working knowledge of Java) suitable for system developers or second level network modules. Plenty of example code (available from the book's web site). Highly recommended!" --Brian Bramer, ACCU, July 1998

"Major kudos to O'Reilly's Java Distributed Computing book! What a find! It's really helping to clear away the fog surrounding this topic -- I think O'Reilly should look more closely at books on the ADVANCED usage of technologies like Java, CORBA, ActiveX, etc. Rather than just making sprites dance on the web page, a lot of people are trying to deploy serious Java and object-based applications. This kind of thing is what's lacking in the Java book market." --Matt Welsh, author of the Linux Installation and Getting Started Guide and coauthor of Running Linux

"A must-have for those of you developing applications in Java." --Pratik R. Patel, Database Programming & Design, June 1998

"In Java Distributed Computing, Jim Farley explains the various tools the Java programmer has for working multiprocess and multimachine magic. Plenty of source code fills these pages, so programmers saying, "Just show me how it's done," we'll be happy." --David Wall,, July 1998

"This thorough guide explains how to harness the power of Java to create distributed systems..Java Distributed Computing is a step-by-step guide to all of these pieces of the puzzle, presented in a concise, usable format." --Richard Dragan,

"This excellent programming guide overviews Java distributed computing tools, techniques and concepts."