Media praise for Java Threads

"Please note, the book is not a Java programming handbook. The authors make an assumption that you can write simple Java programs with Java Development Kit. Java Threads deals with one of the features of the Java programming language that is most attractive for professional software developers - threads.

"It is well known that the concept of threads is not a new one: most modern operating systems provide programmers a mechanism to create threads. Threaded programming is essential to Java: many features of threaded system are built into the Java language itself. Threading is an integral part of using Java. Java's threaded system is simple, at least relative to other threading systems. This relative simplicity of Java's threading system makes it easy to learn, so even developers who have no experience in threaded programming at all can use threads with just little effort. However, some of advanced features that are present in other threading systems are not found in Java. Fortunately, theses features can be built by the Java developer from the base constructs which Java provides.

"The theme of the book is: how to use the basic thread features in Java, and how to extend them to perform more advanced tasks for more complex programs. The first several chapters of the book introduce the concept of threads and simple Java API that allows the programmer to create threads. A separate chapter provides the reader with a lot of various examples that show using of threads in practice. Furher chapters cover more andvanced topics as synchronization mechanism, preventing deadlocks, Java sheduling model, thread groups and much more.

"The appendices contain useful information on thread exceptions and error handling and thread debugging. In conclusion, I would say that Java Threads is very usefull for all Java proffesionals who want to take advantages of threaded paradigm to create more effective programs."

--The COOK Report on Internet, July-August 1997 (