Media praise for Advanced Perl Programming

"This book covers complex techniques for managing production-ready Perl programs and explains methods for manipulating data and objects that may have looked like magic before. It gives you necessary background for dealing with networks, databases, and GUIs, and includes a discussion of internals to help you program more efficiently and embed Perl within C or C within Perl."
-- Gordon Haverland, Edmonton Linux User Group

"As with every other O'Reilly Perl book I have read (and there have been many), this is an excellent book and definitely deserves it's moniker of 'advanced'...This book will help you move from someone who only can use perl for small tasks to being able to use perl for serious software development. Encapsulation, reusability, inner workings; you got it...I was very impressed with this book and would recommend it to any seasoned perl programmer who needs to move to the next step."
--Jeremy Beker, Williamsburg Macromedia User Group, May 24, 2003

"Yet another of O'Reilly's excellent stable of Perl books. The sections on networking and object-orientation are well-nigh indispensable. It is extremely well-thumbed and occupies a spot on the shelf as close as possible to my desk."--Charlie Stross, Linux Format June 2001

"Excellent Book--5 stars out of 5" excellent O'Reilly books, Advanced Perl Programming, by Sriram Srinivasan, and the famous Perl Cookbook, by Tom Christiansen and Nathan Torkington, are invaluable resources for learning how to accomplish such magic with Perl."--Online, 05/01/2001

"Sriram Srinivarsan's book is a delight..If you use Perl frequently, read this book!" --Derek Lane, Raleigh Perl mongers, August 2000

"This book lives up to everything I have come to expect of the O'Reilly Nutshell series, being both technically accurate and highly readable. I would recommend it to anyone needing to extend or embed perl as well as to those wishing to move to more complex perl programming than they might be doing at the moment." --Tom Hughes, Cvue Januay 2000

"Have you ever read a book with the uneasy feeling that the author had a hidden agenda? That's the feeling that I had with Advanced Perl Programming. Halfway through the second read it hit me -- Srinivasan is trying to trick us into being efficient. Well, trick isn't exactly fair. He actually states in the preface, ``... it would be most gratifying, or totally tubular, as the local kids are wont to say, if the design patterns and lessons learned in this book help you even if you were to choose other languages.'' So, he does give fair warning that he is teaching methodology, not mere gee-whiz kludges. This is an excellent book -- it's full of useful information, well written, beautifully set, and technically accurate. The section on Perl/Tk is especially strong. The examples are easily understood and easily modified to your own application." --Donald Bryson, Network Computing Online, December 1998,

"An outstanding text. It is the most advanced Perl book in existence...The author is an expert who explains difficult concepts with lucidity and completeness." --Jon Orwant, Editor of The Perl Journal

"Sriram Srinivasan's Advanced Perl Programming...does an excellent job of discussing advanced perl data types, callbacks, etc. There are two chapters on Tk in particular, but whole sections of the book discuss Modules and object oriented programming so I think it is a very good buy. That along with the html docs in the doc/ directory of your Tk build directory ought to provide you with plenty of reading material." --Peter Prymmer, newsgroup

"I've got to commend Sriram Srinivasan for an excellent book. The content is superb, and the style is easy to read and understand. The world needs more books like this." --Eric V. Smith

"I place your book Advanced Perl Programming in the same category of high quality programming texts such as those written by established experts and developers of the languages themselves. It is well written, to-the-point, advanced...and unbiased in it's comparisions of Perl with other languages. It is handy for someone like me who needs to use Perl for its text handling in production environments (such as newspaper companies) and needs to use advanced features including integrating with C/C++ code and using databases on Unix as well as NT. Looking at the 22 O'Reilly books I have on my bookshelf at home (I have some more at work), it looks like O'Reilly, not Microsoft is taking over the world :-)" -- Rajiv Pant (Betul),, Head of Technical Development,
The Philadelphia Inquirer and The Philadelphia Daily News newspapers

"I really like your book Advanced Perl Programming. Aside from the nice prose style and excellent technical coverage, the book shows an attitude towards abstraction and tool-building that I identify strongly with, and I'm happy to see applied to Perl. The sections on object persistence and template-based code-generation in particular are really great." --Jake Donham

"Thanks a million for your book, I got it [at] the Perl conference...and it guided me to develop a Client/Server app." --Ramon Castillo, , Intermedia Communication Inc.

"Advanced Perl Programming is one of the few books dedicated to the vast possibilities [of] the Perl language. In depth topics on object orientated code, persistence, and actually working with the Perl source code provide a great foundation for adding modular code in the future. The information on object persistence is especially helpful when working with the 'stateless' nature of the world wide web. I highly recommend this book to anyone looking to shift their Perl programming into high gear!", San Francisco, CA, 09/30/97, rating=9, Review on

"Excellent book for serious Perl developers. This book is designed for those wishing to maximize their understanding of Perl; the text is suited to an audience familiar with programming technique (ample references are provided for those not familiar with the underlying issues). At the script level there are discussions of refs/globs and GC, symbol tables, OO, eval and tie. At the C level, extending, embedding and operation of the perl interpreter is discussed at length for up-to-date versions of perl5. These concepts are reinforced through examples built around databases, GUIs, networking and dynamic code generation. The writing style is clear and concise and clears up many common misconceptions people have about Perl. One highly useful feature is a summary comparison with other languages and the end of each chapter, contrasting the Perl functionality against Tcl, C/C++, Python and Java. This text is an excellent companion to the Blue Camel providing a broader view of advanced language features. An essential companion for serious perl developers." --Andrew Cassin (Australia), 09/22/97, rating=8, Review on

"This book was perfect for me because it covered all of the perl topics that I wanted to learn some time, but didn't have a handy way to do so. Object-oriented programming, GUI's, extending perl, and exception handling are just some of the topics covered. The emphasis of the explanations in the book are geared toward helping the reader write useful programs." from Cuyahoga Falls, OH , 09/27/97, rating=8, Review on

"Advanced Perl the first advanced Perl book I've seen and I've needed one for about 7 years or so. This book is worthy and fits my needs.... [It] covers too many topics to repeat here. If you finished the Camel book and still need more information about Perl, then this is the book to get." from Richardson, TX , 10/08/97, rating=9, Review on

"Beautifully readable and redolent with examples! I've been playing with Perl (where playing I guess is the operative word) for about 6 years now. That means I've read -- or tried to read -- what have been rated as some of the best books on Perl. But I've read them intermittently, as I do all technical works: a bit here, a bit there, pause a bit, try a bit of code, look up a chapter...etc.

"This book was different. Within 12 hours of getting it, I had read continuously through to the end of Chapter 7 (120+ pages), taking it all in voraciously. Somehow, this has picked up on every important cranny in the language I had skipped over as 'too hard' or 'too confusing' -- with all deference to Larry, Tom and Randal.... It hits the spot with examples just where I need them, and with concepts and analogies that clicked into place beautifully.

"If you know about pointers, but puzzle about refs and typeglobs and $$this and \$that and *somethingelse, if talk of aliases, closures, and variable suicide have made you feel inadequate...if the works of modules, objects and stuff like that still has you confused, this book is for you. The only problem: I used to think of myself as a tech writer... they still pay me for it. Now I just feel inadequate. But I'm learning." from Sydney, Australia, 11/03/97, rating=10, Review on

"Sriram Srinivarsan's book is a delight...If you use Perl frequently, read this book!"-Derek Lane, Raleigh Perl mongers, August 2000