Media praise for GIF Animation Studio

"When a bug skitters across the page of a book you're reading, it gets your attention. Web site developers use the same principle to grab browsers' attention. Animation can make it easier to navigate a Web site, almost like having the Webmaster there to point out its features.

"A number of browser plugins enable animated images. Unfortunately, most users don't have these plugins and can't be bothered to download them. They see just an ugly blank hole where an animation should be.

"But even bare-bones browsers display GIF images that can be animated. GIF animation is a simple matter of stacking several images in one file, with instructions that determine how long each image is displayed. As the 'pages' of the GIF image are 'flipped,' the image appears to move.

"This book shows how to create animated GIFs, optimize their colors and rate of motion, and get the maximum effect in the smallest file size. It's chockful of examples created by leading Webmasters. The CD-ROM contains freeware and trial versions of popular GIF animation tools, plus all the animiations discussed in the book.

"Best of all, the author emphasizes design style, the subtle quality that makes the difference between a pesky bug on the page and a helpful beacon pointing the way to important discoveries. Animations should quietly draw attention, not distract or annoy the viewer.

"Read this book before you add bursting bombs and leaping lambs to your Web page. Please!"

--David Hakala, Newsday, August 10, 1997

"This book will be useful for a new user of the Internet because of many interesting facts about the basics of Internet and gif file format itself. Also if a user has never been able to try his computer graphical skills, with this book he / she will be able to create a masterpiece quite easily. This book is full of quite interesting examples and ideas. Some ideas, such as unusual use of Photoshop and other filters, would be useful even for professional designers. To apply filters to the picture, step by step increasing effect from one shot to another is a good idea! It gives a good push to designers' imagination. Moreover, this kind of animation, such as headings with rolling texture is not that irritating.

"There are not many examples of such animation on the web. In general, animation of headings and menus is covered very well. It is a rather unusual idea to make a menu with gif animated buttons - like in the example with a wave. Also it is interesting idea to make tables filled with some animated gifs and some non-animated gifs- it gives an unusual effect of motion and stillnes simultaneously. For the same reason, the other interesting point is font animation, which is not widely used .

"Chapter 5, covering Photoshop tricks with palettes is more directed to a new user. Professional users are apparently is familiar with this information. All examples from CD are functional and the software included is also useful those new to the Internet and web design.

"The book contains documentation on Gif Builder and Gif Animation Set. This is interesting information for those who don't want to read help files. This seems to be the first book to focus only on this topic . Of course, gif animation was covered in some depth in many other books , but it looks like this book has provided definitive coverage of all aspects of gif animation. Therefore it is valuable as a source of creative ideas for web designers."

--The COOK Report on Internet, July-August 1997 (