Media praise for Shockwave Studio

"Shockwave is, indeed, an excellent tool providing a bang-up method of making Web pages look fantastic. Schmitt's book does an excellent job of showing you the basics as well as some of the more advanced techniques. He does a great job explaining how each technique applies to the finished product. Sometimes tutorial books show you how to do many things but they never get down to how you could use these features on your own page. Shmitt, however, does a fine job of giving you the information you really want and will really use.

"The book has some excellent tips on such things as making movies smaller so they will download faster, and how to correct palette problems so your application looks good on all platforms. I found these tips exciting and most useful on my own Web page. One aspect of this book that I found most impressive was its length...200 very useful pages....

"Shockwave Studio sticks to the information you want to read about: From animating and making smaller movies using Shockwave to 'avoiding palette problems and implementing audio compression with Shockwave'. The important elements of design for the WEB are covered and often graphically illustrated which is but one of the things I like the most.

"Another nice feature of the book was its attention to detail. Instead of giving me a 500 page bible with a bunch of black and white ugly images, I received 200 pages with bright colors and wonderful looking graphics. This not only made it more fun to read but it also made some things just plain easier to see and understand.

"Along with tutorials one always needs examples. This book provided examples and even had them on CD-ROM so you could take them apart yourself. Computer books these days have to come with software and this one sure came through. Besides examples and tutorials there are a lot of useful files on the CD-ROM, including a full working version of Macrodmedia's Director.

"Normally I don't like to be completely positive when I critique a book or a software application but with this particular book, I couldn't help myself. The book is very useful, informative, and exciting. I was able to get through it in no time and learned exactly what I wanted, which in a nut shell, like the book, is how to get the job done.

"I guess I'll have to save up those negative comments for next time but don't hold your breath."

--David Kindle, Multimedia Training Specialist, Litton/PRC Inc. Copyright 1997 by David Kindle Litton/PRC Inc.

"Whether you're new to Macromedia's Director and the creation of Shockwave movies, or you've been using the tool for a while, Shockwave Studio: Designing Multimedia for the Web will inspire and challenge you. "The book opens with a solid rendering of the history of Shockwave and an overview of multimedia. While Schmitt's work precedes the release of Director 6, Shockwave Studio crosses the version gap as Schmitt focuses, in large part, on techniques and Lingo that you can put to use despite the changes in Director 6.

"Schmitt includes nice explanatory charts and interesting sidenotes (e.g., the 'Fried Green Tomatoes extension' note), and the book is laid out with attention to the visual. Full-color, 'exactly-as-you'll-see-it-on- your-screen,' examples make this book stand out.

"One of the unexpected bonuses of the book is the in-depth attention to Lingo. Schmitt always shows the complete Lingo (in the 'Score Script' window) for the task or technique being illustrated. But he doesn't stop there. With complex scripts, Schmitt numbers the parts of the script and then, in his text, explains each stage so that you can follow along. If you don't know Lingo, after this treatment of the scripting behind the phenomenal examples Schmitt covers, a basic grip on the scripting language will have rubbed off on you.

"The examples Schmitt uses -- check out his Drag'n'Doodle -- are impressive and will push your own thinking about the possibility of Shockwave animations. Also, Schmitt takes you behind the scenes of each example giving you the source code (on CD-ROM), walking you through the Lingo, and focusing the discussion of each example on specific elements of working with Shockwave. So, in addition to walking through the production of some cutting edge work, you'll be learning something new in each chapter.

"Schmitt's instruction is always attuned to creating Shockwave movies for the Web -- which, yes, means creating movies that are bandwidth friendly. To that end, Schmitt explores palettes, 1-bit graphics, tiling, and ink effects. Other chapters focus on film loops, variables, lists, rollovers, and net-specific Lingo.

"If you've never used Shockwave, the sheer savvyness of this book may be a bit intimidating. But get over it. The best way to learn something about the Web is to learn from those who've done it and who are doing it. This book will force your sights where they need to be to join the Web-based multimedia cutting edge. And, while you're drooling over Schmitt and others' cool works, you'll be learning."

--Amy Cowen, E Business Magazine (