Media praise for Perl Cookbook

"Worth reading."--Dave Cross, Linux Format, May 2002

"Every serious Perl programmer knows and cherishes the 'Perl Cookbook' (O'Reilly)."
--Armijn Hemel,

"This book is a wonderful collection of code examples and mini-tutorials covering many, many areas. Very nice."
--Emmie Lewis, About.Com Perl/PHP Guide

"The Perl Cookbook is of a very rare breed. It's by far the most useful book on perl I have ever read. The Perl Cookbook covers just about everything you would want to know, whether you are a novice or a veteran and is presented in a style which very accurate, readable and also very usable."--Graham Barr,

"The recipes are well documented and the examples aren't too arcane; even beginners will be able to pick up the lessons taught here."

"This recommended compendium provides problem resolution techniques and coding options for 19 different topics. From common and easy to obscure and difficult, this cookbook of Perl recipes contains practical wisdom for UNIX and Windows 95 environments. The authors, Tom Christiansen and Nathan Torkington, don't just provide solutions to problems, they explain why solutions work and when to apply them." -fatbrain editorial review

"In the world of art, a picture can paint a thousand words. In the world of computing a good example does much the same thing. The Perl Cookbook is a superb collection of coding snippets which cover all manner of subject areas in a fashion that proves suitable for beginners and established programmers alike. From date formatting and text searching to socket programming and creating Internet services, it's all here and each is a little gem. Authors Tom Christiansen and Nathan Torkington have done a sterling job of documenting each code snippet through explanatory text and in-line comments which goes a long way to helping the casual user understand what is going on and more importantly, how and why. As a volume in its own right, the Cookbook is an essential desktop reference for anyone with an interest in programming the language, but combined with O'Reilly's other weighty Perl tomes--Learning Perl, Programming Perl and Advanced Perl Programming--it forms the final piece in one of the most thorough and comprehensive documentation sets for any programming language."

"The two excellent O'Reilly books, Advanced Perl Programming, by Sriram Srinivasan, and the famous
Perl Cookbook, by Tom Christiansen and Nathan Torkington, are invaluable resources for learning how to accomplish such magic with Perl." --Online, 05/01/2001

"There are very few books I consider essential to a good Perl library, and the Perl Cookbook is one of them. The information is excellent, and I think O'Reilly hit a home run when they combined Tom Christiansen's attention to detail with Nathan Torkington's wit." --splinky,, July 8, 2000

"a must-have" --Eugene Eric Kim, Web Techniques, Jan 2001

"This is a book I'm pleased to have, and wish that I had acquired earlier in my Perl writing career because it would have eased my discovery of some language features...If you are just starting with Perl, then you can live without this book for a bit, but don't wait too long because it will save you some time." --Peter Collinson, EXE, November 199

"We learn best by example. Everybody knows that. This book is a worthy member of the O'Reilly Perl suite. After reading
Programming Perl and Advanced Perl Programming, this book gives quite a number of valuable ideas to solve specific programming problems. This is a reference book, that definitely will be very appreciated by Perl programmers. It is written in a very practical, readable style with clear problem statements and equally clear discussions and examples to solve them. If you - like I - use perl regularly for writing all kinds of programs, this is certainly a must-have book!" --Robert Sprockeels, The Open Technology Assembly, Oct 1999

"This is an invaluable book for all levels of Perl programmers, from novice to advanced… highly recommended for all libraries; serious web collections should consider two copies." --Thomas Gillespie, Library Journal Dec 1998

"The Perl Cookbook is an amazing catalog of recipes that allows even beginning Perl programmers to figure out solutions to their problems and get their work done. No stone is left unturned as Tom Christiansen and Nathan Torkington explain common problems that a Perl programmer might run into."

"The quality of the examples, the writing, and the editing are excellent. The breadth of the topics covered is also great, covering subjects such as simple string manipulation, graphical applications, and network programming, as well as a healthy section on object-oriented programming in Perl. In short, The Perl Cookbook is an indispensable resource for anyone who writes Perl." --Doug Beaver,, December 1998

"While the language's (Perl's) motto might be, 'There's more than one way to do it,' beginners and harassed web site administrators would often be happy to be shown just one, so long as it worked. Enter The Perl Cookbook. The writing is clear, concise, and thankfully free from in-jokes, and the index and "see also" links always led me to the answers I wanted with a minimum of fuss and backtracking. If only it was small enough to carry around without backstrain." --Gregory V. Wilson, Dr. Dobbs Journal, February 1999.

"Precious few books can meet the needs of novices and experts simultaneously. The Perl Cookbook does, and on nearly every page. It has the perfect mix of instruction, revelation, and attitude--exactly what I expected from Tom and Nat, pillars of the Perl Community." --Jon Orwant, editor of "The Perl Journal"

"If you have specific projects, an excellent resource is Perl Cookbook, by Tom Christiansen and Natahn Torkington. Using a by-example structure, you'll learn more about CGI programming than most of you will ever need." -- Jimmy Guterman, Chicago Tribune, Friday Nov 27, 1998

"I found a lot of information I hadn't been aware of; the organization is solid; the explanations are very fine. Christiansen and Torkington have performed a great service." -- Peter Salus, :login:, December 1998

"This is my all-time favorite perl book! I know it's heresy to not like the Camel best, but I never use it. I always reach for the Cookbook first. This book is accessible, readable, applicable and fun!" --Megan Conklin, Raleigh Perl Mongers, August 2000

If this book has a flaw, it's that it's got too much information.

Well, maybe I should take that back. There's not too much information. I wish there were more. But as is the case with cookbooks, finding the right recipe is not a simple matter unless you are familiar with the book.

But that shouldn't be a significant problem with readers of Perl Cookbook, because all Perl programmers great and small will want to take the large tome and wade around in it, getting their feet wet in the various sections, seeing what it has to offer.

At first the sheer size of the book is intimidating: over 750 pages containing 20 chapters, each with 11 to 23 recipes. But each chapter is broken down into a logical topic, and the reader can get a feel for the book by choosing one topic of interest and digesting a recipe at a time.

It is a book for all types of programmers. Though beginners likely have the most to gain, its recipes are often useful for the experienced, and even expert, programmer who doesn't want to redo what has been done or rethink what has been thunk. I doubt there exists a Perl programmer who won't value it.

Perl Cookbook is the most useful Perl book ever written, and it is presented in a comfortable style, carefully explaining the recipes and pointing the readers to resources where they can find more information about the topic at hand. While a Perl programmer can get by without this book--and in the nearly 11 years since perl was first released, many have done just that, thank you--he shouldn't have to. --Chris Nandor,, co-author of MacPerl: Power and Ease