Media praise for Managing Mailing Lists

"…gave me a solid foundation in several major mail list programs."--Daniel Fishman, Database Trends and Applications, February 2001

"You will be hard pressed to find a book that can compete with Alan Schwartz'
Managing Mailing Lists in the field it covers." --Professional Webmaster, December 2000

"Nothing fancy here, just accurate information in a well-written book. For all collections." --Thomas Gillespie, Library Journal, July 1998

"If you're ready for the nitty-gritty of administering a mailing list, Schwartz's Managing Mailing Lists is a comprehensive resource." --Elizabeth Lewis,

"I have to speak up here because this new O'Reilly book (Managing Mailing Lists) recently saved my butt. I was installing majordomo 1.94.4 on an older SCO Unix® machine and my test list kept giving me "permission denied" errors. I've installed majordomo quite a few times, but I'd tried all my tricks and was still stumped. I swallowed my pride, reached for this book, and had my list running within a few minutes." --Jim Johnson, Journal of Open Computing

"A great book! This book covers both server and list administration for Listproc, Majordomo, SmartList, and LISTSERV Lite. It starts of by covering the basics of an email message and a mailing list, and what mailing list software does. It even covers how you can do some basic mailing list functions with sendmail without using an MLM (Mailing List Manager). While the software this book covers are mostly UNIX-specific, this book is a must-have for anyone wanting to install and run mailing list management software. In one book you can see the different features of the leading UNIX-based MLM's, and get an honest appraisal of their relative strengths and weaknesses. You may have already have decided on one MLM, but this book may change your mind!

"Not just for server administrators, this book covers all the issues with respect to managing a mailing list. Learn about how to run a moderated list, or how to offer a digested version of your list. This book is also well laid out -- with multiple 'layers'. As you read on things are covered in greater detail. The last chapters are an in-depth reference for the commands and features of each MLM covered."

--A book review, by David Barr,

"Although mailing lists are hardly one of the more glamorous aspects of Internet communications, they remain one of the most useful, effective, and popular methods for group discussions. Many organizations and businesses use them to keep in touch with members and customers. But while mailing lists are simple to use, they can be confusing for newcomers to run.

This comprehensive guide is for anyone who wants to run or manage a mailing list, including the busy system administrator who needs to ensure that user-owned mailing lists run as trouble-free as possible. Schwartz concentrates on UNIX systems and software because they are well proven, stable, and free (plus, most mailing lists are based in UNIX systems). Discussions of UNIX systems and commands can be dry, but Schwartz is thoughtful enough to interject some humorous examples. He covers the technicalities of list operation, including the selection and use of all the leading software. He also goes into the pros and cons of the various strategic questions that list managers must face, such as whether or not a list should be moderated or whether or not to allow nonsubscribers to post to a list. This book will save any new list manager a great deal of time and trouble.

--a book review, by Elizabeth Lewis