Media praise for UNIX PowerTools

"Huge, expensive, and worth every cent. Your Linux geek will be thumbing this one for years." --Gene Wilburn, Computer Paper, December 2000

"As a Unix Professional, I have my own small library of O'Reilly books. If I need a book on any particular topic, I look to see if O'Reilly has one first. The quality and content of the books I have is excellent. It should have been no suprise to me that my recent purchase 'Unix Power Tools, Second Edition' would not be any less. I was unprepared however, at the goldmine I discovered. All of the little tips and tricks I've learned in my (relatively short) 5 years of Unix hacking were all in there. My only dismay was that my acquired knowledge was covered in about 1/5th of the book! My thanks to Mr. Peek, Mr. O'Reilly (go figure), and Mr. Loukides. This book will be an excellent reference for years to come. Good Work!" --Patrick J. Toal

"This unusual technical book contains over 1000 pages of practical is useful and fun to read. It contains material that will interest all UNIX programmers, even the most experienced." --M.S. Joy, Computing Reviews, June 1998