Media praise for Web Security and Commerce

"Web an oasis in a sea of Internet security misinformation. Practical, evenhanded, comprehensive and platform-neutral, this new book is the best source for Web security wisdom.... [It's] the best single-volume guide to the dangers of life on the Web and the technologies and strategies that can help users and publishers enjoy the benefits and advantages of the Web." --ENT, October 1997

"Garfinkel and Spafford deal head on with key elements of Internet and enterprise security. Web Security and Commerce addresses modern security technologies and applications in a comprehensive fashion, and is an important work in the explosive, fast-moving, and highly visible security field." --Eric Greenberg, Group Security Product Manager, Netscape Communications Corporation

"This is a truly useful book which can help people avoid a lot of the risks in Webware. It is intelligently written, timely, informative, accurate, comprehensive, understandable, and a great pleasure to read. It is the Web-ster's definitive guide to security." --Peter G. Neumann, moderator of ACM "RISKS" Forum and author of
Computer-Related Risks

"This book is packed with useful information and solid advice for Web users, Webmasters, and developers. Garfinkel and Spafford skip the usual marketing hype and tell us how and why Web security works--or breaks down--in the real world." --Dr. Edward Felten, head of Princeton University's Secure Internet Programming Group and author of Java Security.

"This book is for Web users and Webmasters who want or need to know about how and why Web security works - or doesn't. The authors cut through the hype and tell you how to minimize the risks of using the Web, with an informative and comprehensive discussion of browser vulnerabilities, issues with Java, Javascript, ActiveX, and plug-ins, cryptography, digital certificates, Web server security, legal issues and more." --Geoff Choo, Director Solutions WEBzine,

"If you have a business, and you want to learn how to protect the security of your Web site, or if youre a Web surfer and want to know more about privacy on the Web, a new book, Web Security & Commerce by Simson Garfinkel with Gene Spafford, is the best I've seen." --Michael Ketcher, Bull & Bear Financial Report, March 1998

"Garfinkel and Spafford provide a thorough, engrossing, and disconcerting overview of all the relevant security excellent book all around--generous with technical detail and practical examples, yet accessible and fascinating to read. It's recommended for anyone who's interested in the subject." --John Frazer Dobson, Computer Shopper June 1998

"If you're looking for practical and real-world information on Web Security, then this book covers a lot." --Bob Swart, Developer Magazine, Oct 2000