Media praise for Essential Windows NT System Administration

"O'Reilly and Aeleen Frisch to the rescue! Essential Windows NT System Administration breaks the mold and closes the information gap for NT administrators. Ms. Frisch has been responsible for a variety of VMS, UNIX, and Windows NT systems for some 15 years, and she clearly has an unusually thorough understanding of what it takes in the way of skills, knowledge, and resources to keep a industrial-strength network of servers and clients running smoothly over a long period of time. How fortunate for us all that she appears to have a generous allotment of writing and organizational talent as well.

"By the time I had finished the first chapter, it was evident to me that Frisch approached Windows NT from a completely different perspective than most NT book authors. Instead of browsing Microsoft's sorry excuses for documentation and trying to figure out how she could cover the same ground using different words, she drew up a list of things she had to know and tasks she had to accomplish based on her VMS and UNIX background, and then set out to find their Windows NT counterparts. A startlingly adult strategy!

"The result is an eminently practical book that is light-years beyond its competitors in usability and credibility. The security chapter, which organizes its discussion from the standpoint of what is needed rather than what Windows NT most easily does, is an outstanding example of the strength of Frisch's approach. Throughout the book, Ms. Frisch's methods are eclectic and ecumenical. Her goal is to get the job done quickly and reliably, and she will use whatever tool works best, whether it be graphically-based, command-line, custom script, or third-party utility."

--Dr. Dobbs,