Media praise for Developing Java Beans

"thought-provoking while serving the implementers needs.." --K.D. Reilly, Computing Reviews, August 1999

"Although I have been in the software industry for 16 years, this is probably the first note of this kind I've ever sent. I just wanted to say thanks for producing such high quality programming books (especially the Java series) at rational prices. It seems that the rest of the computer book industry is hell bent on a race to see who can gouge the highest prices for the cheapest trash. I've voted with my wallet since most of the titles that I buy these days are yours." --Donald J. Cunningham

"Suitable for anyone wishing to buld reusable components using the JavaBeans architecture and Java APIs. Recommended!" --Dr. Brian Bramer, ACCU

"This is the essential book for understanding Java Beans, and another excellent book from O'Reilly and Associates." --Sanjiv Gossain, Journal of Object Oriented Programming, Sept. 1998