Media praise for Linux Device Drivers

"Linux Device Drivers is one of the best programmers' books I have ever read, and I do not say such things lightly. It covers the subject completely, is well organized, uses relevant examples, and is written in a clear and concise style." --Al Stevens, Dr Dobbs Journal, June 2001

"Since the book was printed, ver. 2.2 of the Linux kernel has been released. Nevertheless, I consider it the most complete text available and recommend it." --Alex Ivchenko, Test & Measurement World, May 2000

"'s Bestselling Title of 1998 in the Category of Device Drivers for Computers"

"Linux Device Drivers, by Rubini, is the sort of book self-programmers and bedroom hardware hackers love. It's a down-and-dirty reference on down-and-dirty operating system programming. The goals of Linux Device Drivers are simple: first, to help programmers write Linux device drivers, and second, to help programmers write Linux device drivers. When I say programmers, I mean all programmers, from the amateur to the complete professional. The reader must bring some basic knowledge of Unix and the C language to the table. Linux Device Drivers brings the rest. Thanks in part to clarity and good technical writing skill, and in part to sheer brute force thoroughness, Linux Device Drivers brings to the Linux programmer all of the tools necessary to make the kernel accessible for writing Linux device drivers. Get out there and support your favorite device!" --Aron Hsiao, Focus on Linux,, April 1998

"A Practical guide for those who support computer peripherals under the Linux operating system or who develop hardware and run it under Linux." --On The Internet, June 1998