Media praise for Visual Basic Controls in a Nutshell

"Visual Basic Controls in a Nutshell brings together exactly what you need to know about each major VB control--from Animation through Windowless in one handy reference You can't do much with VB6 unless you're comfortable with its controls, and
Visual Basic Controls in a Nutshell is an outstanding field guide." --Bill Camarda,

"This book alone will not teach you Visual Basic programming. It is not a beginner VB book. It teaches programming in respect to using controls in Visual Basic. It is geared towards Visual Basic developers of all levels who want to learn all the details with using controls. Part one of the book provides an overview of Visual Basic controls. It covers the elements that all controls share. Part two serves as a basic reference to VB controls Chapter 5 covers each control in detail with many examples. Chapter 6 gives detailed coverage of all the controls' properties, methods and events. I found the book to be extremely comprehensive and very easy to understand, as was the case with other "Nutshell" O'Reilly books I read. Central to Visual Basic is its interface design component. Therefore, if you're interested in mastering the Visual Basic controls included with the professional and enterprise editions of Visual Basic, this book is a must!"