Media praise for TCP/IP Network Administration

"If you're a TCP/IP network administrator, these three books published by O'Reilly on networking {'DNS & BIND;' 'TCP/IP Network Administration;' 'Practical Unix & Internet Security'} are indispensable. These three guides are essential to managing a TCP/IP network."--, March 2002

"If you are considering setting up and running a TCP/IP network for the UNIX system, there is no other book like TCP/IP Network Administration." editorial review

" Another goodun." -- Peter Salus :login:, April 1998

"I must admit I have a soft spot in my heart for this book. I once bluffed my way into a situation where I was actually supposed to know this stuff, routing, DNS, etc, .and this book saved my, uh, Ethernet." --Shirley Duglin Kennedy, Information Today, March 1998

"The second edition of Hun't superb book is even more useful and informative than the original extraordinary and outstanding revision of a classic and indispensable reference. Hunt illustrates each topic thoroughly and precisely. This is a necessary resource for any and every system administrator. It continues to be among the best books I have encountered. I highly recomend it!" --Elizabeth Zinkann, "Sys Admin", Sept 1998

"My old copy of TCP/IP Network Administration has an imprint of dust, grime and coffee stains all down this side, testimony to how often it has been consulted since I bought it back in 1994 Good stuff. All essential info is here, concisely presented.. TCP/IP Network Administration is a must-have. Unlike many books, the revised 2nd edition contains so many changes and so much new matter, that it's really a new book. If you're trying to work from the 1st edition, upgrading to the 2nd would be advisable." --Paul Dunne,, June2000

(For First Edition)

"A must-have for learning the basics of Internet networking." --Michael Stutz, Linux Journal, August 1998

"I was just thinking today about how much your books have helped myself and others in coming to grips with the intricacies of UNIX TCP/IP administration. Every single book that you publish is of exceptional quality. Thanks and keep up the good work!" --Dr. Graham Wheeler, Open Mind Solutions, 1996 "TCP/IP Network Administration" alternates gracefully between theory and practice, covering all the topics a typical TCP/IP administrator needs to know. Administrators who have the time to read the entire book will come away with a lot of useful lore." --Richard Morin, Unix Review, August 1993

"TCP/IP Network Administration provides a great service to network managers. Any network manager responsible for TCP/IP networking should keep a copy of this inexpensive reference nearby." --Network Computing

"Craig Hunt's TCP/IP Network Administration has more than 450 pages literally crammed with valuable information. What the protocols are, name service, system configuration, SLIP and PPP, routing and DNS/BIND are only a few of the topics covered in detail." --Peter Salus, Sun Observer

"Whether you're putting a network together, trying to figure out why an existing one doesn't work, or wanting to understand the one you've got a little better, TCP/IP Network Administration is the definitive volume on the subject." --Tom Yager, BYTE

"It is always a pleasure to discover a book that is both entertaining and immensely educational without giving you the impression that you are reading a lecture transcript. Having read this recent offering from O'Reilly (whose books are beginning to dominate my bookshelf) not only had I learned a lot about the internals and externals of TCP, but I felt as if I'd just finished a good novel too." --Sun UK User Group

"College Textbook writers could learn some lessons on how to write a flowing, well-organized book and turn a dry academic subject into a pleasurable learning experience.

"Anyone who reads this book, or even references sections of interest, will enjoy the practical, hands-on, real-life presentation of information by an expert who truly desires to make the network administrator's life easier. Plan to spend a few evenings with TCP/IP Network Administration; it's hard to put down." --Marty Koenig, Workstation, July 1993

"Craig Hunt's TCP/IP Network Administration is probably the best single Unix TCP/IP system administrator's handbook in print.... This book is a `must' for anyone setting up or running a Unix-based TCP/IP network." --Anthony M. Rutkowski, SprintLink

TCP/IP Network Administration "is admirably clear, making relatively technical matters comprehensible to the non-specialist.... The confirmed Internut grappling with procedures and commands not covered adequately [in] an entry-level book like Krol's is likely to find satisfaction in Hunt's excellent book." --Norris Parker Smith, Editor at Large, HPC Bookwire

"As the Internet suite of protocols becomes an ever-more pervasive component of computing environments, so has the need for information on how to administer host systems which use these protocols. [TCP/IP Network Administration] is a fine addition to O'Reilly's Nutshell Handbooks as it provides a comprehensive hands-on guide in this area." --Marshall Rose, ConneXions

"It's pretty darned good. Anything that can shed light on hacking has got to be OK by my standards!" --Ian Hoyle, Senior Research Scientist, BHP Research - Melbourne Laboratories

"The book you reach for first...a fine addition to the host administrator's toolkit." --Marshall Rose, ConneXions

"A clearly written, extremely helpful overview of TCP/IP from protocol basics to configuration of gateways, DNS, and sendmail. It also includes nice discussions of network troubleshooting and security considerations. I have found this book an invaluable resource while configuring and managing all types of workstations." --Ray Duncan, Dr. Dobb's Journal, December 1994

"This is a very practical, well written book with plenty of diagrams and examples, providing everything needed by a Unix network administrator to set up and manage TCP/IP, or by administrators using other operating systems who have to provide TCP/IP services." --Brian Bramer,The Computer Bulletin, November 1998

(For First Edition)

"The TCP/IP protocols form the fundamental structure that connects most UNIX-based networks together. In particular, the international Internet network relies on TCP/IP for its communications.

"While the literature on UNIX is vast, one of the problems that always confronts systems administrators and managers sooner or later is that of connectivity, and specific guidance in this area is sparse.

"This book is designed to fill this gap...and does so very well indeed. Instead of merely giving a list of UNIX commands and functions to perform various tasks (which can be found in any UNIX systems reference), the book gives a comprehensive background of the technology and principles underlying TCP/IP before introducing the various UNIX utilities based on the system. This is of particular value to technically-oriented staff who would like to know a little more about what is actually going on....

"After a comprehensive and readable discussion of the basic technology, the book covers introductory topics such as 'Getting Started' and 'Basic Configuration,' which are invaluable for the absolute novice to TCP/IP. Configuaration of the interface is then covered together with a discussion on routing configuration. The routing information protocol (RIP) is discussed before introducing specific applications such as
sendmail, which is covered in detail.

"Communication networks are notorious for obscure problems, and the chapter on troubleshooting will be very userful to anyone involved in the maintenance of the network. Use of the ping command is covered, as well as the ifconfig and arp commands.

"Possibly of greatest importance in the modern world is the chapter on network security. With many large organizations including the academic, financial, commercial and military communities, relying more and more heavily on networked communications, security must be one of the paramount concerns in network design and administration. Too often, a brief dismissal of security is added as an afterthought. Mr. Hunt, however, offers a very useful and comprehensive guide to security, starting from the planning stages of threat assessment and writing a security policy through to the details of day-to-day monitoring and assessment of security-related activity on the network. Use of the much-ignored
npasswd program is covered, a device that forces users not to use passwords that are easily guessed.

"Finally, a comprehensive set of technical appendices cover such topics as gated references, named references, sample sendmail configuration files, selected TCP/IP datagram headers and a command reference for passwd+.

"The book will find a wide readership within both the academic and commercial sectors. It covers the material comprehensively and in a very readable style. Much of the illustration relies on blocks of UNIX code which the newcomer may find rather frightening -- diagrams illustrating points are very few and far between! However, the only way to master the subject is by programming a network, and so the inevitable cannot be put off for ever.

"In summary, this is a very useful and readable addition to the literature."

--Dr. S.J. Shepherd, University of Bradford, UK, Book Review,
computer communications, October 1993