Media praise for Oracle PL/SQL Programming

"The book is suitable for use both as a learning aid and as a reference. It's my first choice for answering PL/SQL questions and certainly much more useful than the Oracle supplied documentation." --Michael Minihane, ACCU, March 2000

"This book is an excellent reference for any serious student of Oracle PL/SQL. Even if you've already read the first edition of Oracle PL/SQL Programming, you'll find an enormous amount of new and revised information in this second edition and on its companion diskette. If you're new to PL/SQL, you'll soon find yourself on the road to mastery." --John J Dyer, Dallas/Ft. Worth UNIX Users Group, June 2001

"With the release of Oracle8 and the introduction of object technology into Oracle, PL/SQL has become an even more critical element of successful Oracle-based applications. The first edition of Steven Feuerstein's brilliantly written book, Oracle PL/SQL Programming, has become the 'PL/SQL bible' for developers around the world. This second edition is even better! Steven and Bill cover all the new features of PL/SQL8 -- especially the Oracle8 objects option -- and provide even more real-world examples. I recommend this book whole-heartedly." --Ken Jacobs, Vice-President, Product Strategy, Server Technologies, Oracle Corporation

"For those of us who have committed our lives to solving real-world problems within our industry of choice, Steven Feuerstein's book has proven to be an excellent technical manual by which we can begin -- or continue -- to use PL/SQL and extend our creative abilities. Small IS departments do not have the resources to spend endless hours searching for solutions to their problems. Oracle PL/SQL Programming provides us with an accessible source of technical expertise, good programming practices, and in-depth knowledge of the nuances of PL/SQL. Strong technical content packaged with a touch of humor and philosophy makes the book a must for PL/SQL developers." --Becky Olsen, Information Systems, Office Equipment Wholesale, Inc.

These quotes are from the first edition:

"This book is teeming with tips, techniques, tested examples, and tools you can use to pump up your productivity and the quality of your PL/SQL code. Oracle users have patiently awaited the arrival of a true resource for 'real world' PL/SQL programming; this book delivers." --Steve Muench, Senior Product Manager, Oracle Tools Development, Oracle Corporation, and coauthor of Oracle Forms Developer's Companion

"ORACLE PL/SQL Programming was written by someone with vast PL/SQL experience in the Oracle workplace... The book is a must for any PL/SQL programmer who wants significantly more than what is in the manuals. It has already taken pride of place on my bookshelf." -- Mark Gurry, coauthor of ORACLE Performance Tuning

"Steven's book introduces the users of Oracle's products to PL/SQL in a friendly and effective manner." -- Sunil Bhargava, Development Manager, PL/SQL, Server Technologies, Oracle Corporation

"PL/SQL is the key to current and future development using Oracle and its products. This book takes you into the PL/SQL psyche of a recognized industry expert...the journey will be very enlightening." --Michael Abbey, coauthor of ORACLE Tuning

"Steve's book is a must have for any Oracle programmer...It will become a part of every programmer's daily diet along with Coke Classic and chocolate chip cookies. --Tammy Lowe, Assistant MIS Manager, Burlington Coat Factory

"In this book Steven Feuerstein demystifies, defines, and delivers. PL/SQL is destined to assume a key role in gluing together the soon-to-arrive objects of Oracle8..Read this key book to understand, appreciate, and implement." --Dale Lowery, Senior Principal, CASEtech, Inc.

"The whole book is just full of good advice on the PL/SQL programming language...It is a whole reference library in one book." --Jihad Feghali,