Media praise for Learning the bash Shell

"This book is written for beginners and takes you from the basics all the way to system administration. Even the old pros are likely to learn a trick or two. It covers features of bash all the way to the "wow, I didn't know bash could do that!" level. People have come to expect well written, easy to read, and professional books from O'Reilly and this title is no exception...The authors have provided tons of examples from commands to scripts and the major scripts are available for download from O'Reilly...If you just want to be comfortable using the command line interface or want to go all the way to a working knowledge of writing your own scripts and administering your system or a network, this is the book for you...It's a must-have for anyone using Linux/UNIX. I give Learning the bash Shell 5/5 Big Grins."
--USA Linux Users Group, January 2004

"I purchased 'Learning the bash Shell' in December of 2000, when I was thrust into a Linux working environment and had no time to learn. From the moment the book arrived from Fatbrain till now, 'Learning the bash Shell' has kept a place no further than arms-length from my computer. No other technical book can say the same. Why have I found this book so useful? Obviously my needs have changed, as I've progressed in skill. Initially, I wanted to feel comfortable on the command line. Later on, I wanted to learn some shell scripting. 'Learning the bash Shell' taught me both."
--Meg Golding,, May 2002

"I really like this book. To learn bash, you just start at the beginning of the book, read it in the order of its presentation, which is well-organized in a tutorial sequence, and try out all the commands and scripts the book gives as examples."
--Al Stevens, Dr Dobbs Journal, July 2001

"If you start to do any sort of serious shell programming, Learning the bash Shell would be a most useful volume." --Danny Yee, Linux Journal, February 2000

"I've never been less than impressed with any of their (O'Reilly) titlesLearning the BASH Shell is no exception. I would rank this alongside O'Reily's "Learning Python' as being one of the most user friendly and well laid out computer related books I've ever used."
--Steve Coe, Canada Computes, December 2000

"the usefulness of this book goes beyond being a beginners tutorial. If you haven't yet earned all the stars on your UNIX wizard cap, you will find this an often-used reference. We have learned to expect professional, well-written, technically correct books from O'Reilly, and
Learning the bash Shell is no exception. I think the authors have succeeded in making both an introductory primer and a valuable reference for the more experienced. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to become more productive using bash, as well as those who wish to learn to write moderately complex shell scripts"
-Bob vander Poel, Linux Journal, December 1998

"Beginners, rejoice: this is the reference you've wanted; this is the text which ought to follow the Linux Documentation Project's guide to "Linux Installation and Getting Started". Of course, Learning the bash Shell isn't by any stretch of the a "beginners only" book. Learning the bash Shell covers all of the more intermediate scripting topics as well: flow control, loops, conditional statements, subroutines, variable typing, job control, and so forth. Coverage of these staple subjects makes up the bulk of the and the clear and thoughtful way in which the information is presented sets Learning the bash Shell apart from the pack as a bash reference well-suited to getting actual work doneIn fact, no serious Linux user can afford to be without a copy."
--Aron Hsiao, Focus on Linux,, April 1998