Media praise for XML: Principles, Tools, and Techniques

"The World Wide Web Journal is where webmasters, researchers, product developers, surfers, cript-writers, and philosophers meet and share our hopes and dreams." --Tim Berners-Lee, founder of the World Wide Web

"Savvy Webmasters will latch on to [the World Wide Web Journal] and read it cover to cover. Concepts presented here are definitely the future of the Web.... The benefits associated with this method of keeping up with what's happening gets my high recommendation." --Roger Harmston, WriteNet

"The World Wide Web Journal is...jam packed with technical data and reports encompassing many varied aspects of the Internet. This Journal is unique in that [it] is user oriented, and for its technical content and viewpoint it rates five out of five." --Don Hughues, CompuNotes

"If this is the first Technical Journal you've read, you will not find it dry and boring. The concepts are exciting, and the presentations lively. Hardened conference attendees will appreciate the layout." --Roger Harmston