Media praise for Designing Web Audio & CD-ROM

"Probably the most comprehensive in print coverage of web audio."
--Major Kearny, PC Update, Dec 2002

"…probably the most comprehensive in-print coverage of web audio."--Major Keary, Book News, February 2002

"a well-judged and well-pitched volume, informative, readable and clear. It manages to bridge the gap between concepts and details. Designing Web Audio really is an intermediate introduction to just about anything you could want to do with audio on the web. Interface noises, background music, streaming spoken word--it's all there, dealt with thoughtfully and in surprising depth. Usability and realistic expectations are kept in focus throughout.It is a solid choice for someone interested in the field of web sound, and could take the reader from audio-naove to reasonable savvy in whatever area their interest lies." - Gavin Inglis, news@UK, June 2001

"Designing Web Audio is about much more than sound effects, although the authors do cover this topic extensively. The book provides everything you need to know to Webcast a meeting or set up a streaming MP3 jukebox in your house. In short, Web Audio may be more useful than you think."-Eugene Eric Kim, Web Techniques, August 2001

"an invaluable guide for anyone planning to add audio to their Web site, whether it's in the form of streaming training materials or simple button effects."-Angus Kidman, Australian Personal Computer, July 2001

"O'Reilly publishes well written, informative books, this one is no exception. A good, well written introduction for Web developers contemplating adding a little aural sparkle to their Internet projects." --Linux Format, June 2001

"Adding sounds to a site can be a valuable extra or an ear-splitting shambles, and it's important to know the difference. Designing Web Audio contains a wealth of material that will help you learn how to engage more than just your user's eyes and brains with graphics." --.NET, June 2001

"I have not seen any other title that cover the field so comprehensively and so thoroughly. The authors provide exceptional technical depth...the content, writing and design of this book are all of excellent quality." --Major Keary, PC Update, April 2001

"While the day when Web documents will engage all five of the senses remains far away, Designing Web Audio makes it clear that there's much more to creating stylish pages than pretty graphics and carefully chosen fonts.
Designing Web Audio is a complete Internet audio guide. It's loaded with informative real-world case studies and interviews with some of the world's leading audio and web producers. The easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions on using the leading audio formats should make Designing Web Audio a valuable resource for Web developers and individuals who want to stream their own music over the Web." --David Wall,, April 7, 2001

"If you're interested in implementing any of the cool new ways to enhance your Web site with audio, read "Designing Web Audio." Not only is it the only book available that teaches you how to build multimedia Synchronized Media Integration Language (SMIL) presentations by using the RealSystem G2, but it delivers essential user-friendly data on sound-wave and digital audio theory, RealAudio, Flash, MP3, Shockwave, MIDI, RMF, how to buy the smartest gear at the lowest price, how some folks designed their Web audio, and more."- Stephen Plain and Teri Kieffer, Delivers Web Development, August 31, 2000