Media praise for VB & VBA in a Nutshell: The Language

"Beginners and experienced programmers alike may find this book easier to use than Visual Basic's new help system. Appendix A alone may be worth the book's remarkably low price." -- Rod Stephens,, Dec 1998

"This is a handy quick reference that contains a lot of concise, solid information to keep programmers out of trouble, especially the tips and "Gotchas." --fatbraincom

"this is the kind of book you think you can live without until you have actually used it, after which you consider it a necessity...if you are at all serious about writing VBA code, get this book. It's $24.95 (US retail price) is little in comparison to its value." --Bruce Conradie, Computers in Africa, August 2000

"Every developer needs one meat-and-potatoes reference -- and if you're working with Visual Basic, you can't beat
VB & VBA In A Nutshell. Most entries are accompanied by "Programming Tips & Gotchas" that are pure gold - this book is masterful. --Bill Camarda,

"Like other books from O'Reilly, this work is professional and accurate, with good graphics and text presentation. I would recommend it to programmers interested in the subject." --Claudia Papescu, Computing Reviews, Oct 1999

"What a masterpiece! It's hard to imagine anyone doing a better job on a compact reference. Moreover, considering the number of pages and the amount of information contained in them, this book is a real bargain. I believe every serious VB programmer should have a copy." --Gary Cornell,

"VB & VBA in a Nutshell helps fill the void left by Visual Basic's online documentation. VB & VBA In a Nutshell is a reference, not a tutorial. If you are a novice, do not rely on this book to provide a gentle introduction to programming in Visual Basic. However, beginners and experienced programmers alike may find this book easier to use than Visual Basic's new help system. Appendix A alone may be worth the book's remarkably low price. " --Rod Stephens, DevX VB Zone, december 1998

VB & VBA in a Nutshell: The Languages 24th Feb 1999

They always say "you can't judge a book by its cover", but when I first [Image] saw this, I thought "that looks cute".... Following the tradition of the "in a nutshell" range of books by O'Reilly, this book by Paul Lomax is probably the best yet. Its 630 pages are split into two sections. The first covers 7 main areas of VB and VBA programming, including program structure, VBA variables and types, classes, automation and error handling. As a seasoned VB programmer, I had initially thought that there was nothing for me to learn from this section, but I was wrong. Despite covering important areas of VB programming which may be of more interest for the beginner, it also manages to squeeze in a few interesting points for the experienced programmer too. Object-orientated programming and also automation (formally OLE) are also documented so if you've ever wanted to write data to an Excel spreadsheet and then save as an Excel file from within VB, then its all here.

The second section is probably of more interest when you are actually programming. Its the reference section and documents every statement, function and keyword that you can use in VB/VBA. Although most of this information is available in the VB online help, the way that Paul has presented the information makes if different, and much better. Not only would each reference include a syntax of parameters, usage etc, it also includes sample bits of code which help explain it a bit more, as well as a concise and succinct description of the statement, keyword or function. Finally, it includes the finer or more details points of the keyword's usage, tips and 'gotchas' which detail undocumented behaviours and practical uses for specific elements of the VB language.

Finally, the book contains a small chapter on "Whats new in VB6", containing some things which I haven't seen elsewhere - even at Microsoft's knowledgebase.

Altogether, this book really is a good buy. Its also very cheap and despite its price, it covers much more than many books which are twice or even three times its price (or size). If you've got the money, buy it - you won't regret it. We've linked up with and where you can order the book online at a discounted price and get delivered to your door.

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