Media praise for Oracle8 Design Tips

"An excellent guide to the new features provided by Oracle8 and how they affect the design process. This book is an essential read for anyone who wishes to grasp the concepts without having to devour a whole library of documentation." --David Saxby, Principal Software Engineer, HR Development, Oracle Corporation

These quotes are about the authors' Oracle Design book (for which this mini-book is an update):

"This book fills a gaping hole in the market -- there is nothing else out there that really addresses pragmatically what's required to do a good design for a system being implemented in Oracle. I look forward to having a copy on my bookshelf." --Graham Wood, Manager, Performance Group, Server Technologies Oracle Corporation

"Oracle Design is an essential purchase for any Oracle site that is currently designing or planning to design an Oracle application. The book will assist in the areas of database design, designing for specific architectures, and designing your code modules. It provides valuable information on many topics, including client/server design, data warehouse design, and selecting the correct toolset for your development. It also has an excellent section on tricks of the trade." --Mark Gurry, coauthor of Oracle Performance Tuning