Media praise for Javascript: The Definitive Guide

"an excellent programmer's guide and reference manual ."

"Interested in learning JavaScript? This book teaches it in a clear and concise manner." --Wendy Willard, A Web-Design Teacher's Recommended Reading List, May 2001

Javascript: The Definitive Guide Top Computer Books for 2000

JavaScript: TDG Amazon "Customer Favorites" of 2000

"Flanagan has collected, and presents, a good deal of solid information about JavaScript. Flanagan presents all kinds of information about the oddities of the language, weird behaviours that arise from interpretations of variables and operators. The book reveals the internals of the language (or languages, given the number of variants), which are bewildering in their complexity." --Robert M. Slade, Internet Review Project, May 2000

"In typical O'Reilly & Associates fashion, JavaScript: The Definitive Guide documents every nuance of the JavaScript 1.1 language specification. This is the book you'll pull off your shelf when you want to know which method returns the primitive value of an object." -- Stephen W. Plain and Brooke Gilbert, Computer Editors, March 2000

"a must-have for serious JavaScript programmers." --Writers Write: the Internet Writing Journal, March 2000

"This book stands out in the field of JavaScript books for its disciplined, thorough approach to the JavaScript language. While it would most likely disappoint a non-programmer who simply wants to dabble in JavaScript, for those who want to go beyond copying code to create their own applications, it's hard to beat O'Reilly & Associates' JavaScript:The Definitive Guide." --Kief Morris, Web Developers Journal, January 10, 1999

"I'd been trying for days to solve a tricky problem involving interactions between a CGI script in Perl and JavaScript. I had consulted three books and every knowledgeable friend I could corner. Finally, this afternoon I found a copy of JavaScript: The Definitive Guide, and in somewhat over an hour, I had it figured out. Your book didn't give me the explicit solution, but it illustrated a type of interaction that was just what I was trying to do. I could use my understanding of the book's example to solve my problem. So here's an unsolicited testimonial, just because I am so pleased with myself, and so pleased with your book, which I shall purchase for my own at my next opportunity." -Leigh Williams, Computer Science Dept., Univ. of Oregon

"For JavaScript/website programmers, this book is a must-have." --Doug Reed, CompuNotes

"JavaScript: The Definitive Guide is a rapid and thorough exposition of the JavaScript programming language, as well as an in-depth reference covering each JavaScript function, object, method, and handler. Experienced programmers will quickly find the information they need to start writing JavaScript programs." --Stephen Plain and Teri Kieffer, Delivers Web Development, August 31, 2000

For the 2nd Edition:

"A must-have reference for expert JavaScript programmers.... Well-organized and detailed." --Brendan Eich, Creator of JavaScript

"The best JavaScript book I've seen.... Thoroughly researched and well written." --Shon Katzenberger, Ph.D., Author of Microsoft's JScript interpreter "A superb programmer's guide and reference to JavaScript. A much improved update to the 'beta' edition, this well-organized book could be used as a college textbook, and should be on the desk of every JavaScript programmer. The reference section alone makes this book worth the price. Covers JavaScript 1.0-1.2, with common bugs, workarounds, compatibility techniques, and a sneak preview of Netscape 4.0." --Andy King, Webmaster,

About the 2nd Edition:

"JavaScript: The Definitive Guide deals with one of the most fashionable and fast-growing subjects in modern programming - JavaScript language. And although it is developing at the speed of a rocket, the book covers the latest state of the various language versions. The first part of the book is an excellent JavaScript manual and the second - is a detailed reference source on JavaScript functions, objects and its methods and event handlers. The book is very useful for programmers and web authors of all levels of experience. For beginners it is the best manual on JavaScript

"Even if you do not know any programming language you can use this book to make efficient dynamic web pages. What experienced programmers will find here is a comprehensive reference with information specific to various versions of JavaScript and brief examples. Advanced topics chapters contain important material to help you become a JavaScript expert. Throughout the book you can find excellently commented expressive examples that are not so long as to become tiresome.

"This edition covers JavaScript versions realized in Netscape Navigator 2.0 and 3.0 and Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0 and has special chapters describing a compatibility of various versions and an appendix introducing you to the next JavaScript version 1.2 in Navigator 4.0. One of advantages of the book is that it explains how you can control Java applets from JavaScript and vice versa - invoke JavaScript code from Java applets.

"A special chapter provides an overview of security issues in JavaScript. The author explains the steps you have to take to plug security holes in Navigator 2.0 and the new security model in Navigator 4.0. The appendices contain a list of encountered bugs, differences between JavaScript versions, HTTP Cookies specification and other helpful information. I think this book will be highly valued by all web programmers."

--The COOK Report on Internet, July-August 1997 (