Media praise for Linux Network Administrator's Guide

"In the O'Reilly tradition, an excellent example of technical communication at its best."
--Major Keary, "PC Update," May 2003

"A best-seller, and rightly so, covering everything you need to know from the ground up."
--Frank Charlton, PC Plus, Jan 2002

"A good introduction to Linux administration."
--Steven Gibson,

"This marvelous book is available online at Being old fashioned, I prefer the printed version. So far, the book has handled all my needs with Linux network administration. Highly recommended."
--Al Stevens, Dr Dobbs Journal, August 2001

"For those who have to administer a Linux server there's a wide range of titles. One you must have is from the Linux Documentation Project. You can download it free but the printed version of The Linux Network Administrator's Guide is too useful not to have handy."
--Steve Patient, All About Linux,

"Another title in O'Reilly's outstanding Linux series, Linux Network Administrators Guide, is now in its second edition. The coverage is comprehensive, detailed, and very well presented. Considering that the original material was developed for online documentation, it has come up remarkably well: a masterpiece"
--Major Kearny, Book News, April 2001

"An excellent book that works well as a reference guide. As many in the IS industry know, O'Reilly has played a major role in the education of today's information systems specialist. With their foray into open books, O'Reilly again shows that they are ready to work hand-in-hand with the community."
--Dustin Puryear, 32bitsonline, November 2000

"All in all, I would heartily recommend this book to anyone looking to learn about network administration. If you've ever read an O'Reilly book before, you'll know what to expect: this is another quality title in the O'Reilly stable. For those who've never read an O'Reilly title, this is a great place to start!"
--Richard Ibbotson, Sheffield Linux Users Group February 2001

--Rob Fenwick, PC Answers, December 2000

"Best Book"
--Linux Journal Editors Choice Awards, 2000

"So is this book worthwhile? If you are involved in administering a Linux network, unquestionably yes."
--Christopher Thompson,, August 2000

"a well-nigh indispensable companion to Hunt {TCP/IP Network Administration by Craig Hunt}. In fact, the relationship is now reversed; if there is *one* must-get book, it's now NAG rather than Hunt. But I still recommend both."
--Paul Dunne,, Sept 2000